Other Electrical Switch Lockout

  • Panel Lockouts

    Panel Lockouts

    Beian-Lock Series:BAN-D68-1, BAN-D68-2
    Material: High-quality Acrylic
    Unit: piece
    Scope:Protect switches from being accidentally triggered

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  • Wall Switch Lockout

    Wall Switch Lockout

    Beian-Lock Series:BAN-D06, BAN-D07
    Material: abrasion-resistant PVC material
    Unit: piece
    Application:Power supply security isolation and lock

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  • Lock Out Devices for Circuit Breakers

    Lock Out Devices for Circuit Breakers

    Beian-Lock Series:BAN-D57
    Material: Powder Coated Stainless Steel
    Unit: piece
    Scope:Electrical Panel Locking

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  • Push Button Switch Cover

    Push Button Switch Cover

    Beian-Lock Series:BAN-D81-1, BAN-D81-2, BAN-D81-3, BAN-D81-4, BAN-D81-5.
    Material: Engineering Plastics Reinforced Nylon + Electrophoresis Iron
    Unit: piece

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