Push Button Switch Cover

Beian-Lock Series:BAN-D81-1, BAN-D81-2, BAN-D81-3, BAN-D81-4, BAN-D81-5.
Material: Engineering Plastics Reinforced Nylon + Electrophoresis Iron
Unit: piece
Scope:Power supply security isolation and lock

Product Details

Product Description

BAN-D81-1, BAN-D81-2, BAN-D81-3, BAN-D81-4, BAN-D81-5.

1. Lock the seat around three slots, can be adjusted up and down height (each tune a grid size of 4mm), in front of the scale power side (0-14.5mm) users will measure the height of the switch;

2. Lock pieces for the metal iron, the surface electrophoresis black anti-rust, anti-oxidation function, the main role of hook knife type switch, to prevent others to operate;

3. The height of the locked switch can be between 0-10.5mm;



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