Electrical cabinet locks a good momentum of development

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Cabinet  lock a wide range of types, connecting rod, tongue, flat, handle,  cylinder and other series, now generally have the anti-theft feature.
After  decades of development, more and more electrical cabinet locks  products, handle locks to the plane handle locks; surface plating a  single treatment, nowadays matte plating, nano-spraying, spraying and  other treatment; Cam locking structure Gradually  shift to the development of the protection level improvement, such as  stretching, compression, etc. effectively improve the door lock and  corrosion resistance.
Throughout the  developed countries, the development of locks, there are many problems  in our country, such as the lack of anti-theft lock cylinder, the  appearance of the appearance of the shortcomings, the future development  of the lock should be towards the common parts and the change of the  cylinder, the material The environment and economy, as far as possible to achieve the resource less waste and recycling.
The development of electrical cabinet locks, is bound to move toward a good momentum of development!

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