The advantages and disadvantages of electrical locking

- Nov 24, 2017 -

The advantages and disadvantages of electrical locking
(1) Electrical locking structure is rigorous and reliable.
(2) Electrical locking generally prevent misoperation of disconnecting switch, earthing switch and gate.
(3)  The electrical lock can well prevent the accidentally into the  capacitor bank, the station with the ground change and other intervals,  so as to prevent the error into a little space.
(4)  Because of its complex wiring, involving more components, the need to  master certain electrical technology workers can be unlocked manually,  so to achieve the purpose of mandatory anti-misuse.
(5) need to access a large number of secondary cables, wiring is more complex, more difficult operation and maintenance.
(6)  Electrical locking The connection (removal) of the grounding wire can  not do anything and can not achieve the complete "five defense".
(7)  As more components involved, as long as the switch, knife switch,  ground knife auxiliary contacts and some of its operating mechanism  failure will affect the electric operation, maintenance more difficult.
(8)  Once the lock is installed, if the work needs to be changed, the work  load is relatively large and the work is complicated, which can not meet  the routine work of the substation

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