Tips for installing electrical cabinet locks

- Nov 24, 2017 -

When  installing the electrical cabinet lock, it is best to find an  experienced master lock to help you install, and according to the  instructions in the template openings, locks, key holes and other  pre-installation needs to be prepared to see the hole is correct, To strictly follow the product installation steps. After  installing the electrical cabinet lock and found that the lock is not  working or unable to open, you should immediately consult the  installation of the master, and find the reason, usually the door paint  is not completely dry, install a new lock. This is because it prevents the paint from sticking on the lock. Some paints are corrosive and reduce the useful life of the lock!
In  the choice of electrical cabinet locks, to choose a lock with quality  assurance, it is best to have the manufacturer and the address of the  lock, pay attention to the purchase, to choose the same direction with  the door open, and pay attention to the door frame distance. Ball locks and handle locks can be installed on the edge of the door. After installing the lock to pay attention to maintenance. First  of all, do not drop the oil to the cylinder, if the key is invalid, you  can put a pencil lead in the key to the eyes, do not wipe the lock with  a damp cloth to prevent rust, do not close the force, do not force Hit the door, to avoid reducing the life of electrical cabinet locks.

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