Valve lock purchase

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Valve locks into the domestic market is still very short time, the  market is also a product of valve locks uneven, good and bad, then the  choice of brand and model selection need to pay attention to what time:
1, should select high-profile, long history of big brands or brand  agents, have sufficient economic strength and stable network system to  protect the service and after-sale, to avoid disputes due to product  quality problems.
2, the valve is divided into the ball valve, butterfly valve, gate  valve, rotary valve and so on type, so in the selection of valve locks  should also figure out the required valve type.
3, the valve lock by a variety of materials can choose, according to  the lock using the environment, such as air humidity, whether high  temperature, whether the need acid, to choose the right lock.
4, see the safety standards, both at home and abroad for the hardware  locks have very strict standards, small manufacturers will not  cost-effective implementation of the standards, while the big brands  generally comply with the standards.
5, the valve size, different dimensions of the valve to consider different, the choice of matching valve locks.
6,  check the valve lock packaging logo, the logo is complete (including  the implementation of the product standards, grades, manufacturer's  name, address, production date) the package is solid, manual content and  product match, beware of exaggerated and inconsistent with the facts phenomenon.
7,  choose a good brand after-sales service manufacturers to determine the  program can be unlocked listing can listen to professional guidance  selection.

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