Loto Key Station & Management System

  • Key Storage Lock Box

    Key Storage Lock Box

    Beian-Lock Series:BAN-X72 Series
    Material: 0.6m/m rust-proof steel;computer electrostatic paint
    Unit: piece
    Application:locks security management

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  • Key Lock Box

    Key Lock Box

    Beian-Lock Series: BAN-X76-20, BAN-X76-30
    Material: Silver grey powder coated
    Unit: piece

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  • Lockout Station

    Lockout Station

    Beian-Lock Series:BAN-B101, BAN-B102
    Material: Polycarbonate
    Unit: piece
    Scope: Tagout device management

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  • Lock Out Board

    Lock Out Board

    Beian-Lock Series:BAN-B08 Series
    Material: PPC
    Unit: piece
    Scope: Tagout device management

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  • Tags Station

    Tags Station

    Beian-Lock Series:BAN-B37
    Material: PVC + Acrylic
    Color: Green
    Scope: Tags management

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  • Personal Lockout Kit

    Personal Lockout Kit

    BEIAN-LOCK Series:BAN-TC01
    Unit: Set
    Application:suitable for technicians of personal lockout maintenance

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  • Circuit Breaker Lockout Kit

    Circuit Breaker Lockout Kit

    BEIAN-LOCK Series:BAN-TC02
    Unit: Set
    Application:suitable for maintenance project.

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  • Valve Lockout Kit

    Valve Lockout Kit

    BEIAN-LOCK Series:BAN-TC04
    Unit: Set
    Application:suitable for maintenance ,protection,lockout

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  • Loto Kit

    Loto Kit

    BEIAN-LOCK Series:BAN-TC03
    Unit: Set
    Application:Suitable for maintenance project,power plant.

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  • Padlocks Storage

    Padlocks Storage

    Beian-Lock Series:BAN-X33-25
    Material: Steel
    Unit: piece
    Application:Locks security management

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  • Lock Station

    Lock Station

    Beian-Lock Series:BAN-D31 Series
    Material: Carbon Steel
    Unit: piece
    Scope: Tagout Device Management

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  • Portable Lock Box

    Portable Lock Box

    Beian-Lock Series:BAN-X18
    Material: ABS & Acrylic
    Unit: piece
    Application:Locks Management; Security Locking

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