How To Buy Safety Lock It?

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Security  locks also belong to the hardware locks, is used for routine  maintenance on equipment, maintenance, adjustment, cleaning, inspection,  commissioning, workshop and office use when listed on the lock. From the alert safety protection, can prevent accidental activation of equipment, resulting in accidental injury and death.

How to buy safety lock it?
1. Look at the surface treatment
Safety  locks will be professionally electroplated, painted or tinted before  they leave the factory. These steps are good for safety locks. There will be a layer of protective film on the lock, can play a role in preservative oxidation. Buyers who are new to this type of safety lock can use that to measure the quality.
2. Contrast weight and feel
Some black-hearted manufacturers cut corners, will use hollow,  low-quality materials, not only to pick up light, but also feel  relatively poor use.
3. Look at safety standards
Hardware  locks at home and abroad have very strict standards, small  manufacturers will not cost-effective implementation of the standards,  while the big brands generally comply with the standards. Our safety lock passed the CE and OSHA standards and the quality is trustworthy.

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