Locked/Tagout: Beian-Lock Focus On Your Safety

- Apr 27, 2018 -

      In the industrial environment, there are many dangerous power sources that may endanger employees' safety. Therefore, the U.S. regulation 29 CFR 1910.147 and the European Workplace Regulations require that mechanical and other work equipment isolate its power source and lock it properly to prevent accidental reconnection of the power source.

Locking/tagout - an increasingly popular method in Europe

     With the increasing application of the LOTO process in Europe, LOTO is no longer simply a security practice in North America. More and more companies around the world have developed their own specific LOTO process, which also confirms the industry trend of pursuing “best practices”.

Beian-Lock - Your lockout/tagout service partner
      Although there is no clear legislation in Europe that requires the implementation of the LOTO process at the workplace, for many specific regulatory requirements, it seems that only the LOTO process is the most appropriate solution. In response to such requests, factories around the world have also implemented the LOTO process that complies with U.S. 29 CFR 1910.147 regulations. 29 CFR 1910.147 requires companies to fulfill at least the following obligations.

1. Develop a complete LOTO policy
2. Make a list of machines that require the LOTO process.
3. Make sure that all the equipment needed to perform the lockout/tagout process is available.
4. Develop a LOTO process for the identified machinery.
5. Train employees to identify dangerous power sources and master the LOTO process

Beian-Lock provides a complete service system for locking/tagout system, consisting of two phases: LOTO analysis and LOTO process development. Both of these solutions are combined in our tailor-made service packs for our customers.

       As a participant in your company's lockout/tagout program, Beian-Lock will create a custom lockout/tagout process to ensure that hazardous power sources are safely controlled

1.Analysis of existing equipment and processes

2.Develop new processes that meet regulatory requirements

3.Attach a clear graphic to the device to lock/tag out

4.Develop alternative safety solutions for small maintenance tasks that do not have to isolate all power sources

Benefits of locking/tagout services

1.Secure, safe and efficient method of locking/tagging in your factory

2.Enjoy the machine-specific LOTO process developed by Beian for your device

3.By clearly analyzing different maintenance tasks, alternative safety guards can be used or equipment can be interrupted for local energy supply

4.Improve your productivity with our LOTO service (locking/tagout)

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