Safety Lock Literacy

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Speaking  of locks, I believe many people think of locks, car locks, safe locks  and other general we can come into contact with the lock. In fact, the safety lock is not only equal to the safe lock. It is also a jargon for industrial security essentials. The  term "safety lock" is very popular in foreign countries, called loto,  which is a part of the lock-up and listing program. It is mainly used in  large-scale enterprises, industrial machinery, etc. to protect  important equipment such as mechanical switches and valves, and prevent  tragedies The incident happened.

However, the safety lock is temporarily not popular in China, but it is very popular overseas. why?

1. Foreign specialized laws and regulations clearly stipulate that  large-scale industrial enterprises must use safety locks to ensure the  safety of enterprises. It can also be said that foreign countries pay  more attention to industrial safety than ours.

 2. Foreign manufacturers compared to less than in the country, after  all, our country known as the world's largest factory in the country,  the total number of factories using the prevalence rate will be  affected.

However,  I believe that the industrial safety norms are the trend of our country  in the future. With the rapid development of the industry, safety will  certainly be given more and more attention. In the future, more and more  laws and regulations will surely come out. Of course, there will be more people familiar with safety locks.

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