Safety Lock Maintenance Tips

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Some of the safety locks purchased by customers are used outdoors. For  outdoor safety locks, encounter rainy weather, long-term exposure to  rainwater, which contains a certain amount of nitric acid or nitrate, in  the long run, they will have a corrosive effect on the lock, so if it  is not necessary, rainy day It is best not to let the lock exposed.

Safety Lock Tips 
We  often use locks, so we should pay more attention to the usual cleaning,  I said the cleaning is not just the same as the new wipe the lock,  which is difficult to complete, but he is not the most important, Our most important cleaning parts are the lock cylinder, we want to  ensure that the cylinder does not enter anything, otherwise it will be  very difficult to open the lock, so not only fail to play the role of  our lock itself, but will also give us an increase of a lot of trouble.

Safety lock maintenance tips 
Humans  can not stand the bruising of time. When they are old, there are always  a lot of things that show us of age. For example, the wrinkles will  become more and more obvious. And our locks will also be subject to the  influence of time. Although it will not wrinkle, Long,  there will be oxidation within the lock cylinder, therefore, in order  to postpone such a situation, we must regularly inject oil into the lock  cylinder, graphite powder or pencil powder and so on.

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