Security Padlock

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Security padlock is designed specifically for locking device. In  addition to their high strength and light weight, they are also labeled  to alert others that they are locked padlocks and are easily  identifiable by their owners. The built-in labels allow many factories to reduce the use of excess signage. Includes "Dangerous" labels written in English, Spanish and French. The higher series includes bilingual labels in English / Spanish and English / French. Other languages than North America are also available.
The security padlock has a retention key feature that allows the key to be removed only when the latch is closed. This ensures that the padlocks are used safely and reliably. There are unique 8 colors available. You can also laser lettering.
Another benefit of a security padlock is that it is less likely to be "borrowed" by workers to go home.

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