Security Padlock Management System

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Security  padlocks Because of the management features, a padlock can be equipped  with multiple keys, these keys are divided into a variety of functions  and privileges, these keys usually constitute the security padlock key  management system:
Do not open the key series: each security padlock has a unique key, lock and lock can not be mutually open;
Open  the key series: the development of group security padlocks and security  between the padlock can all open each other, any one or a few keys to  open all the padlocks. Can specify multiple groups, groups and groups can not be opened to each other;
Different  open keychain series: the designated group within each security padlock  dominate the only key, security padlocks and security padlocks can not  be mutually open, but there is a master key to open all the security  padlocks within the group; can be customized multi-group, group Between  the master keys can not be mutually exclusive, but can specify a higher  level master key to open all the padlocks within the group;
With  the same keychain series: more than one group with the same key group,  if you want to specify a higher level of charge to open all groups, you  can add the same key.

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