The Difference Between Security Padlocks And Ordinary Civilian Padlocks

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Security  padlock shape and general civilian padlocks, but the security padlock  and ordinary civilian padlock there are many different.
Security padlocks are generally ABS plastic, and civilian padlocks are generally metal;
The  main purpose of the security padlock is to alert can not afford the  anti-theft effect, the main purpose of ordinary civilian padlock is to  prevent theft;
Security padlock lock beam can not  automatically bounce, with a key function, while the ordinary civilian  padlock is just the opposite;
Ordinary civilian padlock  is generally a lock with a key, and the general padlock security padlock  can be equipped with more than one key, divided into management locks  and ordinary locks;
Security padlocks are often exposed  to acid-base environment, require special treatment, but civilian  padlocks are usually not used.

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