The Necessity Of Recommanding The Procedure For Lockout & Tagout

- Apr 23, 2018 -

     Description of the accident: The shearing machine at a rolling mill needs to be repaired. Before the maintenance personnel arrive, the operator locked the power source and hang the personal lock as well as tag-out.After that,he left the workshop.

     After the maintenance personnel came to the workshop alone, he checked the operator's locked lock but did not lock his own personal lock,then came into the machine for maintenance.

When the operator returned, the operator only saw his own padlock and tag, assuming there was no other people near the device, he started the machine.

    The maintenance personnel was injured seriously because of the rapidly operating cutting parts and died at the scene.

    The cause of the accident: There was no prior communication between the operator and the maintenance staff, and no lock-in and check-out checklist was used.The maintenance personnel seriously violated the safety operation procedures, did not lock their own personal locks and tags, and did not inform others of his own maintenance.The operator assumed that there was no other person near the equipment and started the equipment without checking the equipment.

     Improvement methods: Strictly abide by the lock-up and listing procedures, use the lock-in and check-out checklist.If many people operate the same equipment together,everyone must lock out the tag, communicate maintenance and operating procedures beforehand, and check before unlocking and starting the device to make sure no one is present.

    Learning lessons from above accident,Beian-lock realized it was quite essential for the staff to grasp the knowledge of lockout & tagout .Therefore,Beian-lock holds training about the procedure of lockout & tagout for their staffs regularly and if needed,will also hold for the clients.


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