The Use Of Security Padlocks

- Nov 24, 2017 -

The significance of a security padlock is to provide more than one tag itself can provide security. Proper use under planned lockout procedures, safety padlocks can  help ensure that workers do not inadvertently open a device that others  are using.
The  first rule in choosing a padlock for a lockout is to make sure that the  lock has a different look than locks in other factories for toolboxes,  gates, etc. We typically do this by using bright colors. The most popular lockable padlocks have a "Danger" label, along with the worker's name, photograph, or both.
It has always been emphasized - "a worker, a key" is the second principle. This means that all workers have only one key, and no one's key can unlock the security padlocks of other workers. A  worker may have multiple padlocks, and for convenience only one same  key (called a KA) can be used, but no one's key can open the padlock of  another worker. This means that you should choose enough padlocks with a unique key code to meet your needs now and in the future.

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